2nd October

15h 00- 23h00 First reception period

16h - 23h30 Infiltration

3th October

00h00 starts the open conflict

06h00-12h00 Second reception period

07h00-13h00 Reinforcements 

4th October


5th October

12h00 end of the simulation

Unit Typs


Autonomy for 6h missions

Units with 20 - 40 players

May use organization vehicles

Motorized Infantry

Autonomy for 12h missions

Units with 20 - 40 players

Personal vehicles

Special Forces

Autonomy for 24h missions

Units with 10 - 20 players

Special Operations

Autonomy for 48h missions

Units with 4 - 8 players




We do not have the ticket final price but it will be around 60€, the 2019 edition ticket price

Extra tickets/missions slots

- Scuba ( +?€ )

- Helicopter ( +?€ )

- Parachuting ( +?€ )

- Coastal ( +?€ )

General required equipment :

Special Operations required equipment :

Extra missions required equipment :

General SOUTHFRONT rules :

- Non stop and  no safe areas

- No highcap

- No smoke or fireplace

- Allways oogles protection even if you are sleeping

- A hited player need a medic intervention and will return to the game at even hours (14h,16h,18h etc) and after the first medic intervention he can be transported also to an Hospital for another medic intervention and immediate return to the game

- Limited  medic and hospital material, limited players bbs, limited players water, limited fuel, limited faction ressources with the need of supply and logistic missions 

- GPS and navegation APP alowed

- All vehicles in game need previous organization authorization

- Silent kill=touch in the shoulder

- We recomend surrender but no obligation to surrender, so he can be shoot (low shot

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COVID19 Postponed to 2021

The pre-registrations are open :


The final registrations and payment will open as soon as possible


The final registrations period and payment are

not open at this moment but the pre-registrations are open.

To do your pre-registrations you must send an email to :


With this information :

- first and last name

- ID number

- APD and number (only portuguese)

- Team and nationality

- Vehicle plate number

- Arrival day and hour

- Faction

- Unit type

- If you want to have personal vehicles in game you must mention that

- If you want extra tickets/missions slots you must mention that

Airsoft replicas :

By " Lei das Armas" (portuguese law) the foreign players can play with their airsoft replicas as they use in their countries ( no paint and national fps limits )

The portuguese players must play under the normal rules of the " Lei das Armas " : APD, -374fps, painted RAFPR

All players play under SOUTHFRONT rules and limits


- Side arm replica -300fps (+2 meters)

- Assault replica -374fps (+5 meters)

- Supression replica -400fps (+10 meters)

- Semiauto sniper -400fps (+10 meters)

- Bolt sniper replica -500fps (+30 meters)

(we do recommend no head shot and at short distances low shots)



-All BDU allowed, forbiden civil , contractor/merc and islamic loadout
Must use a blue cap, blue scarf, blue beret, blue helmet or blue vest.

- Base with organization structures
- Motorized Infantry with organization vehicles ( this organization vehicles can be captured by the other factions )
- Motorized Infantry with personal vehicles


Village Chief "----"

- Islamic or african civil loadout, use a shemag, a black, white or african scarf or any islamic or african hats

-  BDU / camo fordiden

- Village with organization structures
- Civilian role playing
- May use airsoft replicas


Commander "Manzano"

-  Use all BDU types
Forbidden plain collours, islamic, civil and contractor/merc loadout

- No Base with organization structures
- Motorized Infantry with personal vehicles
- No Motorized Infantry with organization vehicles

- Special Forces 

- Special Operations


Islamic Military Loadout 

Can mix plein collours with bdu / camo
Use at least a shemag, a black or white scarf or any islamic hats to mantain the islamic visual

- No Base with organization structures
- Motorized Infantry with personal vehicles

- No Motorized Infantry with organization vehicles
- Special Forces 
- Special Operations 

Contractor/Merc Loadout 

Use plein collours and weastern civilian clothes

- No Base with organization structures
- Motorized Infantry with personal vehicles

- No Motorized Infantry with organization vehicles
- Special Forces
- Special Operations

This loadout rules do not aples to secondary equipment like vests,, backpacks, chest rings,etc


Personal tents, tarps and simillars are only alowed without bright collours and with military style, the exception is UN (blue or with allowed) and Village (islamic or afican style allowed)


You can use organization or personal vehicles

Combat vehicles

Can shot and be shot at

Destroyed if the diver is shot and also by mine, rocket, grenade, artillary, bomb, IED

Transport vehicles

Must mantain 200 meters distance of any shooting or hostil position

Destroyed  by mine, rocket, artillary, grenade(sound). bomb, IED