SOUTHFRONT its an internacional military simulation with the use of airsoft replicas that take place in Portugal.

This international non comercial event is organized by ANM-APD (Portuguese Milsim National Sport Association ).

The event director and team are the oldest milsim organizers in Portugal, they are the organizers of several national events and also international milsim events like " Conflito do Gafe ", Rangers 2008, Rangers 2009 or the HERCULES SERIES.

SOUTHFRONT it`s a regular military simulation and not an hardcore milsim like HERCULES or a milsim competition.

This militar simulation is also held in land , air and water

Anyway it s a more complex and demanding military simulation than other international milsim events in Europe.

Due to the fact that SOUTHFRONT it is not a comercial event and the more complex and demanding militar simulation the mumber of players is limited to a few hundred.

                                   IF IT WERE EASY OTHERS WOULD BE HERE